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Good Catch

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Broadwater is a proud platinum partner with South Carolina Aquarium dedicating efforts to communicate sustainably sourced seafood to our customers, purchasing as much of our seafood from local sources and diligently finding solutions to minimize plastic use.


Good Catch - Local Geography

Good Catch defines "local" as seafood harvested from North Carolina through the east coast of Florida.  This region is managed by multiple state and federal agencies that have created and implemented some of the strongest seafood regulations in the world.  These regulations aim to ensure each species harvested and sold is within the appropriate age, size and correct quantity allowed within season.  Following these guidelines, our fishermen and aquaculture farmers are ensuring they are leaving us a healthy and balanced ecosystem for future generations.

Look for the Good Catch icon next to the menu items each week to identify seafood sourced in the Good Catch geography!

Want to learn more about Good Catch? Click the image to be directed to their website

Ice Pack Recycle

Broadwater is now accepting your ice packs for recycle and reuse at our markets.

If you need one, take one, if you have one (or some), bring 'em!

We will freeze them and have them at the market for you to grab as needed.

How it works:

1. Rinse your icepack in clean water.

2. Squeeze it to make sure there are no holes.

3. Bring your rinsed undamaged pack to us at any of our markets

That's it!

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